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Puppy Parties

Early socialisation is key to ensuring your puppy gets the best start in life. Mocha and Maisy Doggy Playschool offers a safe and stimulating environment for puppies to learn and grow in a fully supervised area with a warm and cosy indoor area for play and nap time. We will feed your pup their small lunchtime snack, to keep them going until you get home.

We enrol puppies from 12 weeks old or once they are fully vaccinated. We only enrol social and regular dogs so we can be sure your puppy is with likeminded and familiar friends.


Play School

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    Puppy Parties
    We cant express enough that a well socialised puppy leads to a calm, content, happy and well mannered dog. We provide key development skills and help your puppy learn and building confidence in a fun safe environment along side other puppies, building friends and memories for life.
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    Nature Trial
    Giving your dog the ability to enjoy a guided walk surrounded by wild flowers and butterflies and birds.
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    Woodland Snuffles
    With a shallow brook to run up and down, to cool off or simply splash around in water safely, the mini woodland gets your doggy snuffling under bushes, shrubs and woodland obstacles, or simply in the sandy areas around the brook, allowing your dogs imagination to run wild.
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    The Bold Explorer
    With tunnels to discover, hills to conquer and slides to master this zone is full of adventure and builds stamina.
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    Hide and Seek
    Dogs need to follow their noses, but don’t often get a chance unimpeded, so this zone will allow your dog to use their senses to forge for treats, bringing mental stimulation, fun and exercise.
  • 6
    Meadow Treat
    Getting your dog off lead in nature and allowing them to stretch their legs in our 4 acre meadow, will give your dog total fulfilment and plenty of exercise while playing with other dogs their size and age before returning home.
  • 7
    Tricks and tips
    This area allows our doggy leaders to test out and improve your dogs knowledge while having fun, we can help with recall and basic commands such as sit and stay.

 The Zen Garden

Herbs and wonderful fragrances fill the air allowing your dog to relax and find some down time.

A sensory area can include dog-friendly plants such as:

  • Birch (known to help with muscular and inflammatory pain)
  • Catnip (good for its relaxing properties and stimulates playfulness in dogs)
  • Chamomile (often selected by anxious dogs and those with skin and stomach upsets)
  • Lavender (known to encourage scar tissue regeneration)
  • Marigolds (often selected by animals experiencing grief or emotional distress)
  • Meadowsweet (selected by animals with digestive problems, arthritis & rheumatic conditions)
  • St John’s Wort (a good sedative, pain relief and often selected by animals experiencing depression)
  • Thyme (selected by animals with bacterial infections, skin irritations and diarrhoea)
  • Violets (selected by nervous animals and those who have recently changed home, or may be anticipating physical pain)
  • Willow (animals in pain often select willow bark)

Games We Play

  • Tunnel running and see saw play
  • Apple bobbing and water guns in the summer
  • Fetch and sniff
  • Large football
  • Running and Tag
  • Hide and Seek

Mocha and Maisy is split up into separate fields to ensure there are never too many dogs in one space, with plenty of constant supervision, love and attention.

There are heated buildings with dog beds and outdoor areas with shade, so the dogs can have a some downtime to snooze when tired.

We have strict entrance criteria, and only accept friendly, social dogs, that have at least one fixed day per week. This ensures that we can build a bond with your dog and that your dog will be familiar and friendly with their doggy friends and their play zone leaders.

Your dog will spend their day playing, swimming, exploring and resting with their friends at Mocha and Maisy Doggy Playschool.


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