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A good employee benefits package can play a big part in the success of any UK business. However, given that only 41% of UK workers feel satisfied with their benefits, it’s an area that’s ripe for improvement.

There are so many employee benefits to choose from but are they accounting for the changing family for your workers? Yes insurances are a great added benefit, but a new need is emerging for your staff and that’s the extended family.

Why Are Employee Benefits So Important?

On top of the obvious benefits each solution is designed to offer, in general a top employee benefits package:

  • Improves workplace morale
  • Reduces stress and associated staff absences
  • Boosts productivity
  • Helps set the tone for your company’s internal values and ethos
  • Reduces staff turnover by helping to retain existing staff
  • Makes recruiting top talent easier.

Stress and low job satisfaction are becoming pervasive trends within the UK workforce. In 2017/18, 74% of people reported feeling so stressed that they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope

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Are You Asking Staff to Return To The Office?

  • 1
    Returning to work will be stressful
    We asked all our Employees to stay home. We are now asking them after 2 years to return to a work environment
  • 2
    Life has changed
    Now home working is so easy and employees altered their daily lives to cater for the sudden changes, people need extra supports in place to return to the workplace
  • 3
    A Nation of dog lovers
    An extra 3.2M dogs were purchased over Lockdown - Now employers are asking employees to leave their dogs at home and return to work.


A Personal Service

Peace of mind, Stress free, monitored with fully trained staff on hand to help with all aspects of doggy care.

What we offer will obviously depend on your business. Larger companies are clearly better suited to offering on-site facilities, for instance. However, a more affordable option for smaller businesses could be a set amount of doggy daycare vouchers per month per employee.

  • Pick up and drop off service to and from your work place
  • On-site doggy daycare facilities from 8.30 – 4.30
  • A Local doggy daycare centre within 30 minutes
  • On-site daycare facilities to suit your budget and business demand

A stressful Time

For many new doggy parents, one of the most difficult aspects of returning and maintaining a full-time job is arranging doggy daycare. The problem facing new doggy parents is the lack of correctly regulated, monitored, reliable and professional services. So the alternative is a dash home at lunch, or a bolt to the door at the end of the day to return home to see their stressed out fur-baby; at best they have a dog walker to entertain them for 60 minutes in a day.


Dog Walking services

A good dog walker should be cherished, but can only spend a short amount of time with your dog during the day; but it’s better than nothing. But the dog walking industry, although busy, is unregulated and dog walkers are sometimes untrained in dog behaviour, first aid or have little experience. The Health and Safety issues could be endless with dogs stepping on glass/eating positions plants/dog fighting etc

  • A Dog Walker charges between £15-20 a walk for 60-80 minutes
  • Mocha and Maisy regulated and secure services are £3 per hour from 8.30 until 5
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Dogs are pack animals

While Dog walking is good, so many dogs are isolated and confined to the house for extended periods of time. This leads to anxiety and behavioural problems in our favourite furry friend. The burden on families and the wider communities coping with anxious dogs is seen in the amount of animal charities which are unable to cope already with problem dogs and their frustrated owners; as people reluctantly look to rehome their dogs who bark and cause a nuisance in and around the home and out on walks, which has an impact of work performance and happiness.


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