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About Mocha and Maisy

We recognise that your beloved dog is an individual. With this in mind, we have created different environments for individual doggy needs. We have dedicated Play Zones to help socialise your newest family member and prepare them for the big, exciting world they have found themselves in. At Mocha and Maisy Playschool we look beyond their beautiful doe-eyes and get to know how we can make their little tails wag each and every day.

There are 4 large play Zones  that are designed to avoid accidents, maximise fun, play and learning. We will provide adventures each and every day to enhance your dogs confidence and fitness.

All play zones help us run a weekly engagement of activities for socialisation and stimulation, for dogs of any size and age and when they get tired, we have heated log cabins for your dogs to quietly relax and snooze in whenever they wish.

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Soon we will be offering to look after your dog whilst you are away on business or on holiday. Your dog will live with one of the team in their home as a family pet and attend Playschool each day during the week.

As it’s important that we have an established relationship with every dog, our boarding service is only available to our playschool members who have an ongoing booking of at least 1 day per week.

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Dogs of all breeds and sizes need regular doggy maintenance to keep happy and healthy.

We will be offering a range of Grooming services to help maintain a dog’s coat and teeth as these can be as important as diet and exercise.



The day care centre is a place for friendly, social dogs. We do not attempt to be a training camp. However, we know that even though our dogs are friendly and social, our clients often want to improve general behaviour in the home and at the park.

We have linked up with a few proven, experienced trainers that come recommended from numerous clients and vets. They are familiar with the day care environment, and can assist with one-to-one behaviour consultations or offer classes.

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