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Based at Kemble, Cirencester, The Doggy Playschool Company, formally Mocha and Maisy playschool, gives our members peace of mind, that their beloved pooch is totally provided for.

We take away the stress of having to entertain your dog while trying to concentrate at home or coming home after a long day at work to a board, depressed and unexercised friend, who, if not stimulated each day, will start to develop behavioural issues.

Our playschool focuses on your dogs total health and happiness, providing a full day of entertainment on our 10 acre site. We believe that this will give enough stimulation for your dog, while allowing for much needed down time and recuperation either side of their visits with us.

Our Mission

To return home a

Happy & Contented Dog


Our Values -

  • 1
    Happy, skilled, committed, trustworthy and reliable staff.
  • 2
    Safe for dogs, staff and customers.
  • 3
    For actions and attitude towards our customers and work colleagues.
  • 4
    Always striving to be our best, for our customers.

Playschool Map

We recognise that your beloved dog is an individual, so we have created an environment that caters to individual needs.

From socialising your new pooch at our daily puppy parties, to helping your older dog increasing self confidence and fitness in the bigger play zones,  we provide different experiences for dogs of any age to enjoy.


Play Zones

We have 4 large play zones. Each dog will spend time in each zone throughout their playschool session with us.

All play zones are designed to avoid accidents but maximise fun and play. All play zones help us run a weekly engagement of activities for socialisation and stimulation for all dogs of any size and age. We match personalities and sizes enabling every dog we take, to find suitable play mates and not get stressed, having to deal with dogs larger than themselves.

We have cabins for your dogs to quietly relax and snooze indoors whenever they wish.


Our Service Provides

  • VIP Pick up and drop off service to and from your home or office, within a 15 miles perimeter of our playschool
  • Full day sessions of essential off lead fun and games
  • Provide 1-2-1 attention and care
  • Dedicated puppy school
  • Have many enrichment zones to stimulate your dogs mind and body
  • Daily photos and feedback in their day
  • Home time shower, making them fresh to arrive home
  • We provide tired, satisfied dogs who are a joy to be with.

We have strict entrance criteria, and only accept friendly, social dogs, that have at least one fixed day per week. This ensures that we can build a bond with your dog and that your dog will be familiar and friendly with their doggy friends and their play zone leaders.

Your dog will spend their day playing, swimming, exploring and resting with their friends at The Doggy Playschool.

Games We Play

  • Tunnel running and sew sore play
  • Apple bobbing and water guns in the summer
  • Fetch and sniff
  • Large football
  • Running and Tag
  • Hide and Seek

Doggy Playschool, is split up into separate fields to ensure there are never too many dogs in one space, with plenty of constant supervision, love and attention.

There are heated buildings with dog beds and outdoor areas with shade, so the dogs can have a some downtime to snooze when tired.

Our Safety Rules

Constantly Supervised
We have play leaders for every 10 dogs; each play leader has an alarm and a walkie talkie to quickly communicate with other play zone leaders around the park, if any issues crop up so we can quickly respond and contain any issues.
Canine First Aid and Ofqual Trained Staff
We have a fully operational Canine first aid room, which is easily accessible if we have a sick or injured dog. We partner with the Sidings Vets in Cirencester. All play zone leaders are Canine first aid trained to help aid the dog quickly if required and too Ofqual Level 3 Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare.
Fully Enclosed Play Zone
As well as having secure 6 ft fencing around the whole site, we have double fencing surrounding our parking and offloading areas to make sure dogs do not escape. Within the park we have different sensory zones which are sectioned off so dog groups are kept at the optimum size and can engage fully in their zone and with the play zone leaders.
Constantly Monitored
We will have 24/7 CCTV monitors so we can view anyone coming and going from our site.
We do not allow members of the public on site in playschool hours, and secure the site fully with padlocked gates, making it difficult for anyone to ‘ just turn up’. Leaving our staff to fully concentrate on the dogs.

A Personal Service

We will be developing our very own PAWTEL, so you will be able to have your membership information on hand 24/7 and manage all aspects of your doggy daycare from extra Playschool sessions, training, overnight stays in one place, and even browse in our online shop. You will also enjoy regular communication from us, including a notification service of when we have picked up and dropped off your dog,  personal photos and daily updates on how your dog’s day went.


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