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Winter at Playschool

As you know our Playschool has been open for 4 months and our members are increasing weekly with many more enquiries coming in as people return to work.

The frost has finally arrived, after a warm October and clocks have gone back drawing the nights in, so we are reviewing safety for our dogs as always. As the days get colder we recognise dogs will get more tired, their pads will need more care and the roads for transport will be getting icy. With this in mind, we are changing our Playschool times slightly:

From 1st December to 1st March pick up will commence from 8.45am – home time will be from  3.45pm.

Please can you send your fur babies with a warm waterproof coat to wear.

Screenshot 2021-11-03 at 11.06.41

Cutest photo

Waiting for the Playschool bus

Does your dog get excited

waiting for Playschool? 

One of the biggest joys of working for Playschool is hearing about how much our dogs and their parents enjoy the experience…please send in any photos of your amazing furry friends waiting for pick up to light up our day

Here are 2 beautiful members, Canmore and Milo waiting for our bus




As we grow in numbers

We are bringing dogs and puppies on every month and both Lisa and I pride ourselves in bringing on kind, non aggressive dogs through our interview process and evaluation of them in the first few weeks at playschool.

To date we have a group of dogs we are so proud of. We will continue to be vigilant with our doggies as we grow, so we maintain peace and playfulness on site and reduce any incidents moving forward, as best we can. We keep our fur babies under constant review and if we see any behaviour worries as our numbers grow, we will review them and discuss concerns with parents.

Screenshot 2021-11-01 at 15.44.12 milo

Off-Lead Walking - For Members Only -


  • If you bring your own plastic poop bags they will need to be taken home; however we will provide paper bags which can be composted at the recycling bin – located at the top right hand parking area and signed posted.
  • Key pad coding will be sent on booking
  • Key safe is located on the gate post and key is chained and cannot be removed
  • Please respect timings so everyone who has booked gets their full 60 minutes
  • Please keep the site tidy
  • Please close road gate on exiting
  • You are responsible for your dogs care and welfare at all times while on site

In an Emergency please call 07415 765536 / 0773924970

Mocha And Maisy -Kemble Limited, is not liable for any damage to your property whilst on site.


Holiday Dates

When Playschool is closed

Playschool closes at Christmas.

Our last full day is the 23rd December 2021 and we re-open on Tuesday 4th January 2022


If you are buying a potted Christmas tree, we would welcome it after Christmas for the playschool site.

christmas dog

Are you interested to get involved?

DogFest 2023

We are looking to get a community doggy festival up and running for Spring 2023. 

Are you interested to join a committee to help organise this event? We are looking for people able to offer a few hours each week with experience in;

  • Talking to local businesses/trademan re sponsorships and participation
  • Can talk to local dog groups like; therapy dogs, police dogs, local agility clubs, trainers etc to book a slot at the festival
  • Talk to local pubs and food outlets to book a place at the festival
  • Know any bands who would like to play as the sun goes down
  • Marquee companies / fencing etc
  • Help with financial control
  • Help to look at local charities we could sponsor
  • Advertising for the website
  • Find an announcer for the day to direct people around the show
  • Find a local celebrity who would like to talk at the show – anyone know Jeremy Clarkson?

Please get in touch so I can start put a business plan together as we will be working with the Bathurst Estate on making this a doggy festival a weekend to remember

Screenshot 2021-02-26 at 21.26.25 shutterstock_740689468

Seasonal Tips

Antifreeze from cars
Highly poisonous so please wash paws after all walking
Macadamia nuts
Keeps these nuts under lock and key
With grapes and cheese being popular over Christmas please be aware grapes are highly toxic
Rebranding to Birch Tree sugar - deadly - please watch food which contains this substance
Mouldy food in your food bins and also mouldy cheese, with blue cheese being very toxic to dogs -so watch the cheese box over Christmas time.
Toxic House plants
Poinsettia is toxic to dogs and can kill - so please take care
Grit on road
Has salt in, so please wash paws after every walk
Cracked pads
If they get cracked due to temperature changes - seek vets advice


Introducing Kris

Kris joined us last month and is a key member of the team, allowing our members to now drop off their dogs in the morning from 8am. Kris has many years experience with dogs; having grown up with them. Kris will be taking Doggy First Aid course this month and will then undertake her Ofqual Level 3 Welfare, Care and Behaviour qualification over the next few months. Kris works part time allowing us to give more flexibility to the playschool members. If members are keen, we also allow home-time pick ups between 16:00 and 16.30.





Congratulations Lisa

Mocha And Maisy’s’ site manager who has now completed with flying colours her Ofqual level 3 welfare, care and behaviour qualification.  This is our bench mark for all play leaders moving forward as we take on more dogs. I look forward to working with Lisa when Level 4 comes out in 2022 🙂

kris lisa certificate

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